Welcome to the official Benefit Controls Triangle blog. My purpose in setting up this forum is to allow me to connect directly, and in practical real-time, with those of you who have pressing questions regarding employer-sponsored employee benefits, and to share my own industry thoughts and insights as they relate to the ever-changing insurance and healthcare landscape.

With so much legislation pending in Washington (a seemingly perpetual state of upheaval), and the industry itself continually innovating, improving, and changing, I’ve heard from many of our clients that they’d like to visit a forum where they can ask questions and keep up to speed with current developments. It’s my intention to do just that with this blog.

I thought it best to use this maiden post as an opportunity to provide some background on Benefit Controls Companies, and the services we offer. This background will provide the appropriate context for the industry thoughts and insights I hope to offer in the coming weeks and months.

At Benefit Controls Companies we all share a core mission:

“… to be considered the premier employee benefits consulting practice in the Carolinas. We will accomplish this through partnership with our clients, providing them with exceptional professional advice and guidance, superior customer service, timely responses and innovative ideas with a high degree of integrity, honesty and dedication to purpose. Benefit Controls conducts its business according to the highest standards of professional and personal ethics.”

We specialize in partnering with businesses and providing innovative and customized solutions across three main activities:

1) Employee Benefits – my team helps businesses and business owners discern the precise level and nature of employee coverage they require, and supplement that coverage with tools and diagnostics to ensure its effectiveness and gauge its utility.

2) Human Resources – we offer hands-on consulting services to enhance HR value and effectiveness. Be it through ensuring compliance with legal HR requirements or discerning quality third-party resources to ensure top performance, from top to bottom Benefit Controls makes it a mission to help streamline your human capital. My team here in Raleigh shares that goal.

3) Wellness Communications – no business’s healthcare needs are complete without a focus on wellness. We work with businesses on strategies to effectively introduce health cost management internally through wellness programs and lifestyle education, which decrease employee health risks and help businesses maintain costs in an ever-more-expensive healthcare industry.

Other companies may offer a similar suite of services, but none can match the level of customization our clients find at Benefit Controls. We tailor every package, every HR consult, every wellness program to the exact needs and specifications of the businesses with whom we partner.

We know that our clients aren’t names on a balance sheet. And they know it when they work with us, because our motto was, is, and will remain “providing service with a smile.” You’ll see that in working with me here in Raleigh, as well as with Kim and Sue who are known for their professional and friendly client service.

I appreciate you taking the time to visit our Benefit Controls blog, and look forward to hearing your thoughts and questions as we move forward. Be sure to keep your eyes peeled later this week as I’ll be back with another post discussing Social Media, and new technology focused on healthcare, and how you can leverage them to benefit your company.

Take care, George


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