Healthcare Reform As It Stands Today

With all the confusion and competing headlines discussing healthcare reform on Capitol Hill, I wanted to write a quick post clarifying the state of affairs in healthcare reform as of today.  There is a lot of misinformation circulating by word-of-mouth and in the blogosphere, so we see it as imperative that our clients and readers have a clear concept of what’s true, and what’s half-truth.

What’s important to note is that there has been no official change to any existing law.  No law has passed both houses of Congress yet, though the House of Representatives did pass their version of a reform bill.  However, debate continues in the Senate on the language of their bill, and more debate has, and will, occur as the bills are reconciled in committee rooms.

Only with the right information can we all make an informed decision about what we want the future of healthcare and coverage to look like.


The New York Times: Healthcare Reform Breakdown.  The New York Times has a drafted what appears to be a fairly comprehensive look at the progression of healthcare legislation through Capitol Hill across the past year.

The News and Observer: Inside Washington – Stream of WH Healthcare Visits.  This article appeared in the Raleigh News and Observer documenting the various lobbying and political bodies to visit the White House as the health care legislation took shape and the debate grew.

Most Recent News

Associate Press: Senate Votes to keep Medicare cuts in health bill (12/3/09).  Senate voted today on one amendment of their version of health care reform.  Pertains directly to Medicare.

The Wall Street Journal: What Doctors Say About the Senate Bill  (12/3/09)
Washington Post: Senate health-care debate stalls in dispute over amendments (12/2/09).  A preamble to the article today (above).  Provides good color on the issues in the Senate.

Bills As They Stand Now

House of Representatives – Affordable Health Care for America Act (Summary and Full Text)

Senate – Quality Affordable Health Care For All Americans (Full Text)

North Carolina Politicians

Here’s a quick breakdown of how Governor Perdue and our Senators and Representatives in DC stand on healthcare.  (Just click the link to read their official websites).


G.K. Butterfield, 1st District
Bob Etheridge, 2nd District
Walter B. Jones, 3rd District (this is a video on Rep. Jones’ homepage)
Virginia Foxx, 5th District
Howard Cobale, 6th District
Larry Kissell, 8th District (Rep. Kissell’s Interactive health survey, click here)
Patrick T. McHenry, 10th District
Mike McIntyre, 7th District
Brad Miller, 13th District
Sue Myrick, 9th District
David Price, 4th District
Heath Shuler, 11th District
Mel Watt, 12th District


Kay Hagan
Richard Burr

Governor Perdue
Governor Perdue’s Blog on Health Issues

– George


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