Healthcare and Social Media Technology – 3 Resources Anyone Can Use

As the Web 2.0 world evolves more and more, social media technology outlets and applications are evolving beyond mere conversational tools.  My team and I here at Benefit Controls have found several that have direct application and benefit to the healthcare industry.  Intuitive and easy-to-use, these social media tools can help you contact a Doctor, monitor your health and diet, and interact with communities to ask and answer healthcare related questions.

Below, I’ve listed just a few I believe you will find particularly useful.

1)      iTriage – this is an innovation that one of our iPhone-savvy clients introduced us to.  Developed by emergency room physicians, iTriage “helps consumers and patients make better healthcare decisions through access to relevant medical information, transparency around

quality, and information and access to local healthcare facilities.  iTriage helps consumers evaluate their symptoms, lists potential diagnoses and provides locations for treatment.”  If you are constantly on-the-go with your iPhone but want an easy way to keep up with medical records and treatment options, give iTriage a look.

2)      WebMD – WebMD remains one of the most informative consumer healthcare resources on the web today.  By no means a substitute for appropriate coverage or regular physician consultations, WebMD is a great resource for healthy living and eating tips, and for minor diagnoses.

3)      EnurgiPronounced like “energy,” Enurgi is social network comparable in many ways to Facebook, only it is tailored specifically for patients and doctors looking to connect with one another.  You can create a unique user profile, search for caregivers and services in your area, network with other members, and most importantly, ask questions and directly manage your care.

Again, none of these innovations should substitute coverage and routine visits to the doctor.  But, for those minor in-between-visits aches and pains, or to have an active role in the long-term management of your health, they are three great options to explore.

If you happen upon other such smartphone applications or online networks with a healthcare slant, please send them along or leave a comment with information. The more we all know, the better.


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