New Year’s Resolution for Wellness

The often-heard statistic for New Year’s resolutions is that the vast majority do not last more than six weeks.  That new gym membership and diet seem like great ideas for the first few weeks of January, but come mid-February they begin to lose their luster.

However, those that do last beyond that six-month point often become lasting routine – folks who are able to push through the month two doldrums often see their wellness resolutions harden in their resolve.  That’s when they start to see lasting improvement in their personal health.

The same holds true for small businesses –introducing a wellness initiative and improving communication around it are difficult tasks, but well worth it for your bottom line and your employees’ communal health.

For those of you seeking to introduce a new, 2010 wellness initiative for your small business and employees, we recommend you take this to realization heart.  It’s imperative you come out of the gate hard and fast, charging through the first six weeks of 2010 to truly integrate your company’s wellness initiative.

Here are a few ideas to get you and your employees off on the right track:

1)       Take advantage of gym membership discounts. Every gym in America (seemingly) is offering a discounted membership rate to help people achieve their new year’s resolution.  Encourage your employees to take advantage by coordinating with local gyms for discounted group rates and then subsidizing your employee’s membership costs.

2)      Eat right. Too many of our customers stock their shelves with soda and unhealthy snacks.  Kick off 2010 with a health kick – trade in the soda for juice and water.  Swap the chips for low-calorie popcorn.  It may sound trivial, but with diet as a key determinant of health, it’s imperative you take the reins and steer your employees onto a healthier track.

3)      Be a resource. “Preventative medicine” has become a buzz-phrase in health care today, but so many are unclear as to what it is, despite the fact that an effective preventative medical care strategy can negate a great deal of health care cost.   Do your part to learn how you can encourage a preventative health care culture in your office.  Share information, news articles, and best practices with your team.  One of the biggest hurdles to long-term health improvement is that folks often don’t know how best to manage their personal health – as a trusted employer, you can step in and help them make sense of that process.


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