Q: How Can I Help Employees Become Healthier? A: Utilize Support Groups

In professional cycling, team members will ride together, taking turns “dragging” or cutting the wind, to support their teammates.  In law, partners constantly consult one another on a difficult case, offering insight and supporting each other as they work to a reasonable strategy.  In the military, enlisted men challenge each other in boot camp, pushing one another in competition to improve.

Why should your employees’ wellness initiative be any different?

Business owners often assume that coordinating health care and sharing a few healthy tips is enough to ensure that their employees track towards a healthier lifestyle, but this approach can fall well short of ensuring long term wellness.

The most successful employers have taken a step further, making wellness a group activity – or rather a group responsibility, with employees feeling accountable to one another, and comfortable approaching one another with questions.

By group activity, I mean they have utilized classic “support groups” in unique ways.  Instead of sitting employees around in a circle, discussing how to live healthier, we’ve seen employers introduce “healthy living clubs” that meet weekly (or several times weekly) to encourage their teammates to get out and be active.  They incorporate all types of activities, from low to high impact, outdoor and indoor, to include every member of the team.

Staying apprised of HIPPA regulations and compliance is imperative – contact your company’s attorney or  give us a call.  We can help you trouble shoot and brainstorm activities that will make your program a success.

There’s no silver bullet to helping your employees help themselves towards a healthier lifestyle, but encouraging group activity is a step in the right direction.


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