Massachusetts special election coverage

For the past few months we have been inundated with coverage on the healthcare debate in Washington.  The citizens of Massachusetts have gone to the polls and Sam Brown will be their next Senator.  The question remains what happens to healthcare now?

As I still look through the coverage from last night I wanted to take this chance to put some quick links down of some articles and resources that I have found helpful.

Washington Post / The Fix

Chris Cillizza at the Washington Post has been a great resource for up to the date information about whats been happening in Massachusetts.  He is very well connected to advisors on all three campaigns as well as the White House.  Follow his twitter feed for up to the minute information.

Cillizza, along with Dan Balz, wrote a great article yesterday morning examining the options that the Democrats have in the House for moving the Bill to the President’s desk, should Sam Brown win.  Speaker Pelosi has stated that the House will not adopt the Bill that has already passed the Senate.

The / Live Pulse

The Politico has shown itself to be the go to source for inside information on what’s happening in government on the national and state level.  They have three bloggers that covered the election from different perspectives:

  1. Live Pulse – for breaking news on the healthcare debate
  2. Ben Smith – covers everything politics and through the special election will be writing about the outcomes as well as Washington’s reaction
  3. The Arena – I have found that the Arena is a great place to see what the players are thinking when it comes to the issue of healthcare.  The Arena is set up so that experts can chime in on the debate.   From university professors to senior advisors at advocacy groups, I go here to find out what others in the field are saying and hearing.

Check back for our blog post on the election wrap up and what this means for healthcare.


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