The Massachusetts Effect

The voters of Massachusetts have a new senator: Scott Brown (R).  This special election has been on our radar since it became apparent that a Brown victory would be a game changer for the current healthcare bills.

The seating of Scott Brown will give the Republicans 41 seats in the Senate, and since the Democrats no longer have a super majority in the Senate, there will be a lot of focus on moderate Republicans like Olympia Snowe (R-ME).  The Post’s Shailagh Murray and Lori Montgomery wrote today: “Unless Democrats can thread a very narrow legislative needle, Republican Scott Brown’s upset victory over Martha Coakley in Massachusetts on Tuesday could lead to the collapse of a health-care bill that, only weeks ago, appeared close to becoming law.”

The voters in Massachusetts have spoken for the country; they want more bipartisanship and they want a healthcare bill that does not include special deals.  So what’s next?

Watch what the moderate members on both sides of the aisle say and do over the next few weeks.  Members of the House, and a third of the Senate, face midterm elections this November. This special election is any indication of what is to come, and then those members are going to need to go home to their districts and listen to their constituents.

For more thoughts on next steps for the healthcare debate check out The Politico’s article on the fallout on healthcare and follow the Twitter feed for the National Association of Health Underwriters for up to the minute information.


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