Health Care Reform – More Trouble for the Individual Mandate

One of the key components health care reform is the individual mandate – the theory goes that if everyone has insurance, the pool widens, costs (eventually) drop, and we all benefit. As we have pointed out in the past, this idea has come under fire from a range of opponents.

The Washington Post reports that the Virginia Senate, with the backing of both Republicans and Democrats, passed measures this week that will make it illegal to require individuals to purchase health insurance. The Post notes that  “The action in Virginia…could indicate that the president is failing to reassure members of his own party that current reform efforts remain worthwhile.”

As well as the Virginia action, the AP reports, “Conservative lawmakers in more than two-thirds of the states are forging ahead with constitutional amendments to ban government health insurance mandates.” Ultimately, federal law would trump state laws, so these measures may have no real effect, but this does show that the issue remains in the forefront for conservatives.


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