Don’t Dismiss Disease Management

Business Week has a questionable piece which challenges the efficacy of disease management programs.

 Reviewing a program that General Electric ran for its employees over 10 years ago, the authors conclude that the company found “scant return” on the money they spent…but then go on to tell us that GE is starting a new “outreach service” to provide disease management and wellness support to employees.

 Why take this step if disease management is a waste of time?

 The Disease Management Blog picks up on this point as well, calling the Business Week piece a “faux exposé.” They conclude that “…there is ongoing innovation, building on the lessons of what has worked and what doesn’t work…” in the world of disease management.

I certainly do not discount wellness or disease management efforts; in fact, I think that the issue of personal accountability is a missing component in the wider health care debate. By all means, seek to “build on lessons” learned, but do not dismiss out of hand.


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