A New Day, A New Proposal

The President’s revised Health Care Reform proposal was released on the White House website earlier today. You can read all about it almost anywhere online: CNN; The Wall Street Journal; The New York Times

 For my own part, I do not see enough new ideas to think that the Health Care Reform on Thursday will be much other than a political event, rather than a serious attempt to come to grips with Health Care Reform.

 In particular, the creation of the “Health Insurance Authority” reflects a profound misunderstanding of the difference between “insurance premiums” and “cost of health care.” You cannot control the cost of health care simply by regulating premiums.

If, however, you throw in meaningful utilization management, reduce inappropriate and/or ineffective care, adjust reimbursement methods, and introduce tort reform, then you may have a chance at reducing skyrocketing costs.  

Read the proposals, and let us know what you think.


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